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pt.gapura angkasa

Ground Handling
Safe On The Ground, Secure In The Air.

As a professional performer on the ground, Gapura Angkasa offers you a full spectrum of ground handling services from start to finish. Offering solutions that enhance your business potential, we build partnerships that are based on quality and trust with the ability to adapt to your needs.Based on the IATA Standard Ground Handling Agreement 2003 version, we provide the following services :
• Representation, Administration and Supervision
We conduct supervision and co-ordination of handling services performed by third parties to ensure staff, equipment, supplies and services are always on standby.
• Passenger Services
Our highly trained staff provides hands-on assistance to passengers throughout pre- departure and post-arrival procedures using fully integrated reservations, telecommunications and information systems for quick and accurate handling.
Ramp Services
supported by a complete GSE fleet, we handle passengers, baggage and aircraft without any loss of time, without sacrificing safety and security. Our cost-conscious handling solution, Gapura SMART provides flexible Simple, Modest/Moderate, Accountable, Rapid and Timely Service Packages that maintain standard levels of quality at reduced costs.
• Load Control,
Communications and Flight OperationsEfficient load control as well as modern IT and communication systems enable us to provide our customers with safe and accurate flight operations plans.
Cargo & Mail Service
Better cargo documentation, customs control, information processing, document and irregularities handling effectively reduce the acceptance and release time of cargo and mail.
Support Services
With our customer's interest and satisfaction at heart; we provide correct storage and handling of Unit Load Devices (ULD) according to each carrier's requirements, and closely supervise fuelling and de-fuelling operations. To ensure on-time operation, we offer liaison services for accommodation, surface transport and catering arrangements.SecurityAround the clock security service covers screening of passenger and baggage, reconciliation, examination and storage of cargo and post office mail, as well as catering and aircraft security on the ramp.•
Aircraft Maintenance
Understanding the importance of flight safety, we provide routine and non-routine line maintenance services that comply with strict safety standards.

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